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  CDC Webinar Series - Sales For Techies

Sales For Techies™

Your sales team is leaving over 70% of business opportunities on the table. Your TECHNICAL, CONSULTING and CUSTOMER FACING staff spot customer problems all the time.

Do you want to risk in excess of $200k hiring a new salesperson? – or alternatively, spend a fraction of this to train your 'Techies' to spot opportunities during their day-to-day work?

IntroductionGuest Speaker Alex Rea

CDC Webinar Series - Get More Leads That Convert

Get More Leads That Convert

Build your Sales & Marketing lead generation and conversion capability and see 20% more revenue growth - within 6 months.

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CDC Webinar Series - Disruptive Selling

Disruptive Selling

Research indicates the most successful B2B salespeople are the ones that disrupt their prospects’ thinking. Learn how to start buyers on new buying journeys, BEFORE they realise they need to buy - and create opportunities at will!

IntroductionGuest Speaker Peter "Willow" Williamson

CDC Webinar Series - Why Your Website Sucks and What To Do About It

Why Your Website Sucks and What To Do About It

Most B2B websites fail to attract 97% of targeted buyers! Learn why this is the case, and how to fix it!


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